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Breaking News

Wednesday 10/31/2012: Breaking News: Hurricane Sandy Forces Postponements

To all participating schools in the 2012 PAISAA Boys' Soccer, Girls' Soccer, and Field Hockey tournaments, due to the severe impact of Hurricane Sandy, the PAISAA state tournament 'play by' dates have been changed to the following:

     First Round Games-by 11/5
     Second Round Games-by 11/7
     Semifinals- by 11/11
     Championships- by 11/13

The PAISAA Executive Board understands that this shift in schedule may be difficult for some schools and may result in some teams withdrawing from tournaments due to school and athletic league conflicts.

Schools that find it necessary to withdraw a team from any of the three tournaments should notify the chair of the tournament immediately. If an opponent withdraws from a tournament, the remaining school, regardless of seed, will advance to the next round. At this point, there are not plans to reseed teams, but the tournament committees reserve the right to revise brackets if absolutely necessary.

We thank everyone in advance for understanding and being flexible. Good luck to all.

Any further updates regarding the tournaments will be posted as decisions are made. A reminder for teams to notify the webmaster of their dates of play and results.

Friday 10/26/2012: Breaking News: Hurricane Sandy Weather Alerts

The schedule for the PAISAA state soccer and field hockey tournaments is currently unchanged. However, if severe weather causes postponements, the tournaments may have to move to the following 'play by' dates.


The PAISAA executive board understands that a change in schedule may be difficult for some schools and some schools may have to drop from the tournament. If an opponent drops the remaining school, regardless of seed, will advance.

An update will be posted on this site on Monday.