Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association
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PAISAA Constitution and By-Laws:

Article I - Name

The (proposed) name of this organization shall be the Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA) (pronounced Pay Sa)

Article II Purpose and Commitment

Section I - Purpose

Primary Purpose (at the outset): PAISAA will seek to preserve and enhance existing State tournaments and help to provide for the creation of additional State tournaments through the development of coaches associations for each sport.

Intermediate Purpose: Establish the Association as a fully functioning and viable entity designed for the support of interscholastic athletics programs for independent schools across the state of Pennsylvania; to provide professional development opportunities for athletic administrators; and to seek recognition for the association from the National Federation of High Schools(NFHS), the PIAA, and other like organizations.

The long term purpose: PAISAA will encourage all member schools to conduct the affairs of games, leagues, and tournaments according to high standards of sportsmanship and cooperative good will. PAISAA shall be concerned with insuring that enjoyable and healthy interscholastic opportunities for students are provided.

Section II – Commitment

PAISAA will be committed to providing a forum for the interchange of ideas, providing leadership and legislative action for its member schools to insure that the intentions of the organization are met, and to have the Executive Board and Officers serve to advise and guide member schools and their leagues, particularly when requested in a situation where an impasse exists.

PAISAA will be committed to and able to establish tournaments within the limits of existing seasonal end dates. It will be up to each individual school to decide whether or not PAISAA tournaments represent additional contests on their schedules or take the place of other contests and tournaments.

Article III - Officers and Executive Board

Section I - Officers

The officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If the PAIS so desires, they could include a member of the PAIS Board or someone appointed by the PAIS Board to serve as a liaison to the Executive Committee.

Section II - Duties of the President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the PAISAA and shall be responsible for the Annual Meeting and Executive Board sessions and for encouraging new membership among qualified schools.

The President shall have the power to appoint special committees for the purpose of meeting the objectives of PAISAA, and shall be responsible for keeping accurate records.

Upon completion of term of office, the President shall serve on the Executive Board for two years.

Section III - Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall be responsible for publishing the PAISAA Directory, for encouraging new membership to qualified schools, and for organizing publicity for the Association. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of President and Secretary whenever necessary.

Section IV - Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary, in close cooperation with the President, shall be the chief correspondence officer responsible for record-keeping and proceedings of the Association. Other responsibilities include notices, reports and other items necessary for proper operation of PAISAA.

Section V - Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate financial records as the chief financial officer, including collection of dues and the payment of bills submitted to the President for approval.

Section VI - Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be formed of officers of PAISAA, the immediate past President, and past Presidents who are active as athletic directors, and a member appointed by PAIS.. Each member of the Executive Board shall have one vote on motions brought before it. Presidents Emeriti will be welcome as non-voting members. The PAISAA President acts as the chairperson for this committee.

Section VII - Election of Officers

The President and Vice-President shall serve a two-year, non-renewable term. The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President in January in order to maintain stability. The Secretary and Treasurer may serve consecutive appointments upon approval of the Executive Board (maximum 4 years).

The President and Vice-President selected by the Executive Board will be voted upon by the membership.

Article IV Coaches Associations

Coaches associations for each sport will be established and managed within the Bylaws. The coaches associations will be responsible to create an organization which will manage the individual sports championships, provide for a sounding board within each sport, and to make recommendations to the PAISAA Officers for consideration.

Article V - Membership

Section I Eligibility

PAISAA shall be open to Pennsylvania independent schools that are members of the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools(PAIS). Full membership will include participation in championships and professional development. An associate membership will include professional development only.

Section II - Dues

Annual dues as established by the PAISAA officers and Executive Board, shall be payable prior to September 1.

Section III - Association Year

A PAISAA administrative year shall extend from September 1 to August 31.

Section IV Application

An application for membership will be required.

Article VI Meetings The PAISAA shall hold at least one annual Fall meeting. A business meeting will be held as part of this session, including new proposals and the election of officers. Action will be recommended to the Executive Board based upon the simple majority vote of the eligible members present. One school, one vote.

The Executive Board and other committees may meet as often as deemed necessary to administer their business. All such meetings shall be called by the chairperson of the group.

PAISAA will provide professional development opportunities each academic year for AD’s and coaches, the number which will be set by the Officers and Executive Board.

Article VII - Legislative Procedures

Ordinarily, proposals shall be submitted to the PAISAA President thirty days prior to a regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting by members of the Executive Board, Ad Hoc Committee chairpersons, or the general membership.

Approved proposals shall be sent out to the membership at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting in November.

A simple majority vote of present eligible PAISAA members on each new proposal shall determine the appropriate course of action. One school, one vote.

Article VIII Student Eligibility for Participation

Those eligible to participate in PAISAA sponsored tournament play will include all students in grades 9 through 12 who are fully enrolled, engaged academically on campus, and who do not turn 19 prior to July 1st. This includes international exchange students as well as students from recognized programs such as the English Speaking Union(ESU). Students whose schools are members of the PIAA are not eligible for PAISAA sponsored events.

Transfer students must be officially enrolled by the following:

Fall Two weeks after Labor day
Winter by the first officially scheduled competition of the season
Spring by the first officially scheduled competition of the season

Eligibility rules will have no exceptions and no appeal process.

Article IX Terms for Participation

Participation in all PAISAA sponsored tournaments and events will be entirely the choice of the member schools. Schools may choose to participate in some of the tournaments and not others or none at all in a given year or period of time. In order to participate a school must have paid their dues and be in good standing with the Association.


Addendum I - Provisional Officers

President: Jeannette Cooper, Westtown School
VP: Karl Miran, The Hill School
Secretary: Kurt Ruch, Malvern Prep School
Treasurer: Ginny Hofmann, Germantown Academy
Executive Board members: Shawn Synnestvedt, Academy of The New Church

Addendum II Existing State Tournaments for Independent Schools

Baseball, Basketball, *Cross Country, *Spring Track & Field, *Wrestling, Golf, Lacrosse, Softball, Soccer, *Volleyball, Field Hockey

* One or two day event

Addendum III Possibilities for Addition State Tournaments for Independent Schools

*Diving, *Squash, *Swimming, *Tennis, Water Polo, *Winter Track

* One or two day event

Addendum IV Dues for 2012-2013

Full membership will cost $175.00 and include the following:
  1. Professional Development one school member can attend for free, a second school member can attend for half cost and any additional school members attending would pay the full amount of the seminar.
  2. Eligibility to participate in any championships offered. Additional costs may be incurred for officials, etc.

Associate membership will cost $100.00 and will only include professional development.