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Field Hockey - Fall

Field Hockey - Fall

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The Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA) will be once again holding a Field Hockey State Championship Tournament. The dates for the 2012 tournament are listed below, as are other pertinent details.

10/15 Tournament fee due
10/30 1st round games completed
11/2 2nd round games completed
11/6 2nd Semi Final
11/8 Championship

First Round:

EA (1) vs. Bye (16)
ANC (8) vs. Springside (9)
PC (5) vs. Shipley (12)
AIS(4) - 8 vs. FCS - 0 (13)
Hill (3) - 3 vs. Perk (14) - 0
GA (6) - 9 vs. GFS (11) - 0
WT (7) vs. Baldwin (10) - 11/6 @ 2:45pm
ND (2) vs. Bye (15)

Please note the following:
  • Games will be played at the higher seed, except for the Championship game which will be played at a neutral location. Individual schools should contact opponent to set up date of contest and time. Make sure game starting times are early enough as we get into daylight savings and OT games could run into dark if not schedule for a 2:00-2:30 start. Let me know dates, times, and scores so I can complete the bracket and keep schools up-to-date.

  • The higher seed (home team) is responsible for hiring officials. The home and away team will split the costs of the officials for the first two rounds.

  • For the semis and finals, please make sure you hire two officials, plus a timer/manager official (three total). The host school is responsible for paying for officials, but PAISAA will reimburse the school for the costs of officials.

  • Overtime Rules are the following (same as last year):

    • 7v7 15 minute sudden victory overtime

    • Still tied? Another 7v7 15 minute sudden victory OT

    • Still Tied? Round of 5 penalty strokes

    • Still tied? Another round of 5 penalty strokes with 5 different people.

    • Still Tied? Sudden Victory strokes

Example Seeding Chart. PDF XLS

Information for the Championship game will be announced after the semi-finals are complete (if applicable).
Seeding for 2012 Field Hockey Tournament:

#1 EA
#2 Notre Dame
#3 Hill
#4 AIS
#5 PC
#6 GA
#7 WT
#8 ANC
#9 Springside
#10 Baldwin
#11 GFS
#12 Shipley
#13 FCS
#14 Perkiomen


For more information about the Field Hockey championship, please contact:

Jody Mayer