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Wrestling - Winter

Wrestling - Winter

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Pennsylvania held its first official state wrestling tournament in 1988. However, the roots of the state event reach back over 50 years to the inception of the Episcopal Wrestling Tournament (EWT) and the vision of Episcopal Coach John Brennan and Mr. Fitz Dixon. The EWT served as the premier tourney for Philadelphia area private schools for 25 years, beginning in 1946. A coalition of private schools eventually hosted the event, and the name transformed into the Philadelphia Area Private School Invitational Wrestling Tournament (PAPSWIT). Growth and fluctuation followed, with a period when schools from outside Pennsylvania were invited to the tournament as well.

Eventually, Pennsylvania coaches, fans, and schools felt that the tourney had lost its original focus and needed a change. The increased level of competition of teams within the state was recognized, and a new concentration brought needed definition to the PAPSWIT. Recognizing that over 30 private school wrestling teams existed in Pennsylvania at that time, an official state tournament for private schools was proposed by the PAPSWIT committee.

The first Pennsylvania Independent School Wrestling Tournament was held in 1988 and the PAISWT has flourished and grown since that time. Almost 40 private schools from across the state are invited to attend each year. From a Philadelphia area tradition to a state-wide competition, the Pennsylvania Independent School State Wrestling Tournament showcases the private schools’ best.

Wyoming Seminary extended their run at PAISWT winning their 7th Consecutive team title. They crowned 9 Champions, 2 runner-ups and qualified all 13 wrestlers for National Preps (top 6 qualify). This was their largest margin of victory of the 7, with Germantown Academy coming in second for the 6th year in a row. GA crowned 4 runner-ups and a total of 11 qualifiers.

With his 4th top 3 finish BJ Crozier of Germantown Academy won the Ron Nelson award for most team points in a 4 year span. Outstanding Wrestling honors went to Zach Kelly, who had exciting pin in OT of the finals.


106 Ethan McCoy, Kiski School Dec Nicholas Lattanze, Malvern Prep, 4-2
113 Danny Boychuck, Wyoming Seminary Dec Barrett Connor, Germantown Academy, 5-1
120 Matthew Lattanze, Malvern Prep Dec Will Crisco, Wyoming Seminary, 7-5
126 Judson Preskitt, Wyoming Seminary Fall Brady Riley, Germantown Academy, 5:00
132 Tyler Ponte, Wyoming Seminary Dec Luke Brooman, Episcopal Academy, 6-2
138 Jake Savoca, Wyoming Seminary M-Dec Jared Gober, Germantown Academy, 10-2
145 Ty White, Wyoming Seminary M-Dec Nick Flanigan, Hill School, 15-3
152 Zachary Kelly, Kiski School Fall BJ Crozier, Germantown Academy, 6:49
160 Greg Bacci, Malvern Prep Dec Chris Weiler, Wyoming Seminary, 4-3
170 Nicky Hall, Wyoming Seminary Fall Clay McKee, Westtown School, 1:46
182 Eric Morris, Wyoming Seminary T-Fall Johnnie Cherneskie, Hill School, 15-0
195 L.J. Barlow, Haverford School Dec Desmond Johnson, Chestnut Hill Academy, 3-2
220 Garrett Ryan, Wyoming Seminary M-Dec Jake Anderson, Malvern Prep, 15-6
285 Michael Johnson, Wyoming Seminary Dec Victor Pedchenko, Academy Of The New Church, 1-0

3rd Place

106 Freddy Corradetti, Haverford School T-Fall William Kliefoth, Valley Forge Military Academy, 15-0
113 Julio del_Peon, Episcopal Academy Fall Jordan Wang, Chestnut Hill Academy, 3:46
120 Evan Shirakawa, Germantown Academy Fall Austin Mortimer, West-Mont Christian Academy, 4:4
126 Etienne Dumas, William Penn Charter School Fall Aidan GREER, George School, 2:29
132 Chad Saunders, Hill School Dec Kristian Kergides, Germantown Academy, 7-0
138 CJ Sarao, Mercersburg Academy Dec Nick Gallo, Haverford School, 7-2
145 Robert Finnerty, Kiski School Fall Matt Reed, Germantown Friends School, 3:30
152 Conner Burns, Malvern Prep Dec Joey Nelson, Wyoming Seminary, 4-0
160 Dom Scalise, Kiski School Dflt Eric Berger, William Penn Charter School
170 Mark Meloro, Mercersburg Academy Dflt Ryder Harkins, Malvern Prep
182 Luke Kisselback, Germantown Academy Frft Alfredo Gianniccari, Malvern Prep
195 Harry Mauk, Malvern Prep Dec Matt Doggett, Wyoming Seminary, 1-0
220 Cliff David, Germantown Academy M-Dec Jacob Lowe, Episcopal Academy, 9-0
285 Kostya Golobokov, Hill School Dec Peter Ciesielski, Malvern Prep, 3-2 OT

5th Place

106 Trevor Shirakawa, Germantown Academy Fall Cameron VAKILI, George School, 3:27
113 Frank Satriale, Westtown School Dec Justin Black, Valley Forge Military Academy, 9-2
120 Jared Marshall, Westtown School Fall Ben Grobman, Haverford School
126 Zach Coffey, West-Mont Christian Academy Fall Noah Snyder, Friends Central School, 4:09
132 Luke Neal, Westtown School T-Fall Brian Parmenter, Lake Forest, 18-2
138 Jack Ringe, Friends Central School Dflt Matthew Ramirez, Malvern Prep
145 Myles Anthony, Germantown Academy Dec Jake Hervada, Haverford School, 8-3
152 Zach Deasey, Episcopal Academy Fall Brandon Russell, Academy Of The New Church, 3:46
160 John Grossi, Germantown Academy Dec Ethan Fye, Westtown School, 4-0
170 Ben Rubin, Chestnut Hill Academy Dec PJ Cusack, Episcopal Academy, 5-4
182 Cody Russell, Episcopal Academy Fall Eric Ekas, Westtown School, 2:24
195 Ayo Adjibaba, Mercersburg Academy M-Dec Johnnie Hill, Hill School, 15-6
220 Manny Vilmatelo, Westtown School Frft Josh Abele, Mercersburg Academy
285 Khari Goosby, Germantown Friends School Fall Chauncey Simmons, Haverford School, 4:47

7th Place

106 Austin Bramley, Westtown School Fall Brian Nelson, Mercersburg Academy, 3:15
113 Jack Gola, Haverford School Fall Nicholas Wells, Germantown Friends School, 1:15
120 Jackson Bistrong, Chestnut Hill Academy Fall Will Garrett, Hill School, 0:55
126 Connor Howlin, Episcopal Academy Fall Andrew Rossi, Haverford School, 2:46
132 Keir Williams, Academy Of The New Church Fall Spike LU, George School, 1:48
138 Schuyler Williams, Academy Of The New Church Fall Jake Chien, Westtown School, 2:30
145 Josh Setliff, Mercersburg Academy M-Dec George Kunkel, Chestnut Hill Academy, 12-2
152 Alex Magers, William Penn Charter School Fall Jordan Pilosof, Mercersburg Academy, 2:11
160 Vince Bellwoar, Haverford School Dec AJ Cutrufello, Episcopal Academy, 8-4
170 Eric Corliss, Germantown Academy Fall Gabe Buyske-Friedberg, Germantown Friends School, 3
182 Jamal Sample, Friends Central School Dflt Erik Cranch, Academy Of The New Church
195 Jelani Buie, William Penn Charter School Dec Jaewon Kim, Westtown School, 9-2
220 Eugene Alvey, Hill School Fall Andrew Feldman, Friends Central School, 4:09
285 Cullen Doyle, Germantown Academy Dflt Mark Opaliski, William Penn Charter School

See for complete results.

Wyoming Seminary - 2013 PAISAA Wrestling Champion!

Team Scores

1 331.50 Wyoming Seminary
2 223.00 Germantown Academy
3 199.50 Malvern Prep
4 118.00 Westtown School
5 116.00 Haverford School
6 108.00 Episcopal Academy
7 101.50 Kiski School
8 99.50 Hill School
9 82.50 Mercersburg Academy
10 66.50 Chestnut Hill Academy
11 66.00 Academy Of The New Church
12 60.50 William Penn Charter School
13 58.00 Friends Central School
14 54.00 Germantown Friends School
15 37.00 West-Mont Christian Academy
16 31.00 George School
17 25.00 Valley Forge Military Academy
18 15.00 Lake Forest
19 7.00 Solebury School


For more information about the Wrestling championship, please contact:

Steve Hill